Decorating 101

Decor is a beautiful way to express yourself. I have walked into countless homes and seen many different ways furniture has been placed, pictures framed, and knickknacks arranged. The décor a person places in their room can tell a lot about their personality, likes, and dislikes. I have enjoyed visiting friends and families and learning more about their lifestyles.

I remember as a young girl my mother gave me the opportunity to decorate my room. Being about ten I loved tie-dye, pictures of myself, and dogs. My room was a creative mess of explosion, but very unique to me. I loved my room growing up. This past winter break I came back home and realized that the walls looked a little dirty and my room lacked a shine. I headed down to home depot and picked out some paint colors and emptied my entire childhood bedroom of all of my memories. As I was emptying what was to become the guest room, I could see the endless possibilities of how we could make it a charming space for our guests. I could picture a room where guests would arrive feeling at home and comfortable.

When I was in college I shared a small bedroom with one other girl. I was very far from home and family and what was familiar to me. Filling my room with things that reminded me of home helped me remember who I was and where I came from. It was comforting to look up on my wall and see pictures of familiar faces beautifully framed or a small shark’s tooth encased in a shadow box. I filled my space with beautiful things that reminded me of the south. Things that reminded me of the ocean waves and sandy shores. I used light colors and my favorite shades of blue to cheer me up on sad days when I was missing my family.

The décor in my room allowed me to express myself. It gave me a feeling of peace and comfort. I was living in a strange state where many of the cultural practices confused me. When I came home I came to a refuge. A place that was most familiar and could be my safe haven. It helped me become my own person among people who were different than I was. I’m grateful that I was able to fill my little piece of the world with beautiful things that helped me to express