Aztec Rugs – Where to Start

aztec style rug in living room

Aztec rugs are a real secret gem that I’m been obsessed with lately. One of my favorite ways to use them is to start with an Aztec rug on the ground and then build out an entire room around it. Aztec decor is such an interesting and exciting and I’m so happy to have found it. But it’s not just Aztec rugs and decor, it’s all decor and interior design that I’ve become obsessed with lately. What treason! Blue with brown! Victorian atop modern!

I once saw a mouse living in a foxhole and a fox living in an attic.  It was quite peculiar.

Look, I grew up amidst four women that created with architectural and artistical precision a majestic spectacle of grandeur in our living room.  The curves blended into the linear movements.  The fabrics mended together across the empty spaces. And, I tell you, if one thing was out of place, my mother was aware of it.

From this interesting upbringing, I naturally absorbed from my mother the eye for these sorts of things and with it an appreciation for decor especially in the home.  Fast forward a few years and there I was, taking my talents to the post-soviet suburbs of Latvia, the war-torn, ever occupied nation that it is.  You see, I was a missionary there.  In that particular “labor of love”, our biggest issue was communicating effectively that we were there to be of help.  Sadly, the world has become such where hidden motives are assumed and genuineness are thought to be facades.  I vividly remember becoming acquainted with one woman who lived in a modest house but was very concerned with the presentation of it.  One evening, while walking by, we noticed a plethora of weeds arrogantly protruding themselves through her finely trimmed shrubbery.  It was peculiar; like a zit on a celebrity or something. Hoping to offer our assistance in removing the pesky plants, we knocked on her steel, safe-like front door.  When she opened and beheld us, she immediately was skeptical. Before I had a chance to say anything, I noticed on her floor was what appeared to be an old Persian rug, one like my mother had in my aforementioned childhood living room.  I immediately pointed it out and within seconds she had let us in her home and we were examining various pieces of furniture.  I felt educated enough to hold an intelligent conversation with her about her home decor.

Decor, in that moment, created nearly instantaneously an international, multilingual, interfaith connection.   That is what it means to me, and yes the weeds got pulled.

By the way, if you are in the market then I got my Aztec area rug from Southwestern Rugs Depot.