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The most important time in my life when decor mattered to me was when I moved to college. When I came college I moved six hours away from everyone and everything I knew. I was dropped off and had to quickly settle in before classes started and I was left by myself. My parents were here for two days to help me get settled. My mom put away my clothes and organized them with my guidance. My dad played with my two younger sisters and kept our adventure updated on Facebook. I did all the decorating. I wanted to make sure that since this was going to be my new home I wanted it to feel like my home.

Before coming to college during my planning and packing time I had to think about what I wanted my dorm to look like. I didn’t think it would be very important, but I still wanted it to look nice. Of course, my instinct was to look on Pinterest for some ideas. After finding what colors I wanted to do and a general idea what I wanted it to look like I started gathering items. I found tons of pillows and blankets for my bed so it look nice. Then I started to look for stuff to go on the walls. I had pictures of quotes and saying that made me smile or challenged me to live my life to the fullest. I also brought with me decor that I already had so I could have something I recognized and made me feel at home. There were also things that I wanted in my dorm but didn’t have exactly, so in the spirit of trying to save money, I repurposed some of the things I already owed to fit the theme of my dorm.

After the first week of classes and coming back to my dorm to study or after work I am so happy with how it looks. Because it is decorated how I wanted it and it looks like home, it feels home. My transition was much easier because my room was decorated and it felt like home.


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